The property has been designed and built with total respect of the surrounding environment and with the intention to avoid waste by reducing the consumption of energy and water.

The entire complex is powered solely by electricity produced by photovoltaic panels. All the apartments have an underfloor heating system and the kitchens are equipped with electromagnetic induction plates.

To avoid unnecessary loss of water, a system has been created for collecting rain water that is pumped into an underground tank. The recovered water is then used for the irrigation of outdoor spaces and for the toilets of the apartments. Additionally, in every apartment, both the water from the well that comes from an underground spring and suitably purified, and the water from the aqueduct can be used.

The apartments are designed to enable the differentiated collection of waste, and the décor of the indoor spaces and the garden has been created and implemented using mainly eco-friendly materials.

The agritourism is immersed in an environment where harmony and tranquillity reign, and whose melody is composed by the birdsong and by the flow of a nearby stream. Even light pollution is reduced to a minimum and the exterior lights can be switched off to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.