The agritourism, I Gelsi di Santa Cristina, originates from an ancient monastery situated in a picturesque valley immersed in the Umbrian countryside, four kilometres from the centre of Gubbio.

It takes its name from the church of Santa Cristina, still consecrated and part of the property, and also from the main activities of the monks who lived there over a long period of time, cultivating mulberry trees to feed the silkworms.

It was originally a fortified farm owned by the church and the Benedictine convent of St. Peter a Gubbio, the oldest part dates from the fourteenth century, while the lovely chapel dates from the eighteenth century.

Over the years the structure has been modified and the surrounding land cleared for farmland; while the mulberry trees of the monks have given way to wheat fields and sunflowers.

Two splendid majestic trees remain standing, their branches have seen the centuries go by and still, to this day, they shade the gardens of the house and the small chapel of Santa Cristina.